We are Sustainable homeware and interiors brand that does not cost the earth. Spreading love to the planet and colour to our homes.

Upcycled Upholstery was born out of a love for bold, neon colour as a form of self expression, , a passion for interiors and a genuine desire to create sustainable products. After a product buying career working for many recognised brands who were making waves within the fashion arena, I found there was limited choice available within the interior and homeware category. After extensive Upholstery Training at Shoreditch Design Rooms and my love of upcycled homeware and interiors, Upcycled Upholstery was founded. 

We create statement pieces that do not cost the earth - literally! We aim to offer homeware that is distinctively different at an affordable and accessible price point without compromising on quality, style or the planet.

We explore the Old Vs the New contrasts, where this concept is seen in our product where we mix retro references such as recycled materials and vintage dictionaries and combine them with modernised techniques. We explore juxtaposition; experimenting with various media ranging from traditional black/white fonts contrasting against a bold, neon colour palette.

We believe our home is our happily place and are passionate about creating spaces which aid our wellbeing and boost our ‘feel good factor’ whilst saving the planet in the process. The use of colour is really powerful and colour psychology is expressed through the various bold colours in our ranges and how different tones can evoke emotions and wellbeing.

We blur the lines between Fashion, Art and Interiors.


Thank you for joining me on this upcycled upholstery

Louise Crawley founder upcycled upholstery



Louise x